Five golden rules to cross a job interview

You are invited to an important job interview that, if successful, can change your life. Obviously, you cannot just “go to the interview,” but have to prepare for it carefully. Here are some things worth paying attention to, to succeed in an interview and impress the interviewer:

Solid but prestigious performance:

Of course, it is important to understand where you are interviewing. If this is a job in an advertising agency or a fashion magazine, you can probably bombard and dare more than interviewing a position in a government company, a banking institution, In any case it is very important to note that there will be an aesthetic appearance, clean, adding jewelry/accessories judiciously, not be afraid with sparkle chic like a good piece of jewelry or an impressive accessory. For example, a high-quality watch always gives a high-quality impression, sometimes without the interviewer or colleague who even knows how to explain to yourself why you look more impressive and quality than the challenger in front of you.

Learn well what the company specializes in:

Each company has different specialties, even if it is generic or very general. Learn about an important deal or service that has been made recently by the company, try to find articles about it and put your information easily during the interview. Be careful not to fall into the classic trap of the corporate world: it may be that your interviewer’s competitor in the organization has made the important deal, and the last thing he wants to hear now is praise, if indirectly, for that competitor. If you know in advance who will interview you, try fishing for information that you can use during the interview. In the era of social networking, it is not easy, and you can find quite a few similar launching points between you and him to help you. For instance, if he is a music lover you can mention a good performance of his favorite singer, a common sports type and so on. If you have friends on Facebook do not rush to mention them, if you are not 100 percent sure that a conversation between you and him can be of use to you.

Imitation of body language interviewer

People are drawn to their likeness, even if they make statements that they are looking for the opposite of them. Imitate the interviewer’s body language in front of you, but in a way that is not too blatant or overt. If he leans forward, lean with her too, he smiles-he smiled too. Of course, if he coughs or sneezes, that’s the limit where you stop the imitation.

Do not defame your previous workplace

Even if your previous place of work is notorious for the whole field, try to keep him and his managers’ respect. You can never know which of them is a friend or even a relative of the man who is interviewing you at this moment and tries to attract gossip from you about the previous job. If you need to explain why you left, use positive descriptions such as “I wanted to move on to a different job” and so on. You can use circumstantial excuses like “I was looking for a place closer to home”, “I’m looking for a job that is shorter hours” or vice versa. “Now that I have a car I can choose a place of work according to quality, Can work more hours “and so on.


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