How to prepare for a date?

Let’s not pretend – if you’re single you probably go out on dates. And a lot. One of the questions that always arises is, how to prepare for a date? Where is the line drawn between indifference that ends the date with an hour’s frustration, and an over-enthusiasm that ends the date within half an hour, sometimes with a restraining order? Is a generous cleavage indicative of frivolity and taxis, but a buttoned shirt attests to excessive geeks?

Know the enemy (that is, who is your date?)

When you go out on a date, you have to prepare for it as if you were the manager of a TV channel that was studying its new program on the ground. You have to ask yourself who the target audience is, what age, what does he do in his spare time, what is his supposed income? These questions are especially important because they can help you filter out dating that will not work. Yes, the cliché that you have to throw yourself into the stormy water and just flow is misleading and frustrating. Do you know what happens to singles who experience a lot of failed dates? They become suspicious, impatient and hopeless (the last parameter is the sexiest feature there is, and not only in singles but in general). In such a situation, even if you meet with the potential love of life, you will not give it a chance and this date will end in disappointment. So, filter out the candidates for the date: Do not go out with a person you know you cannot be attracted to externally, do not meet with someone who looks to you in an economic situation very far from you (do it in both directions) Working abroad, because the chance to develop something real here is simply weak.

How do you get dressed for a date?

This question also depends on the type of date, your age, and more. But there are a few things that can and should be applied at any age, and at every single stage: be well-groomed and orderly, but do not glare. A luxury watch is a sign of quality that is not eye-catching and characterizes people with good taste from a well-to-do home. However, old clothes with large designer logos are rude, giving a sense of intimidating nouveau riche. Most men love sexy women, but in the first session, it may be a bit stressful, sitting in front of a bare chest. Keep the more revealing clothes for continued contact. As far as artificial additions are concerned, we have carefully moderated the performance. Too much make-up, hair, nails, and colors give a sense of caricature and blur the real natural beauty.

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