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There are many videos and jokes on the net, about clothes purchased on sites from Israel and abroad, and when they arrived, they did not exactly look like the picture … Women put on a garment that looked ridiculous and disproportionate, next to it the picture of the garment as it appeared on the site on the model, It is usually very funny, especially if the garment did not cost a lot of money and there is no heartbreaking waste of money here, but there are things worth buying through the net, even because they do not depend on the size of the buyer’s body, Sometimes from their price in the store.

Furniture: If you carefully measure the place to furnish the house in advance, and read the fine print next to each piece of furniture, there should be no problems. When you order furniture on the Internet, you can read exactly what its specifications are, what colors it comes from, and most importantly, what size it is. This is an excellent solution for full furniture at relatively good prices, and if you buy from Israeli manufacturers then you are also contributing to the local economy and are saving.

Watches and jewelry: You will be surprised, or not, but many people visit the various sites of jewelry stores and watch every day, and order luxury watches and beautiful jewelry at great prices, sometimes with delivery to the house. An excellent solution when you want to renew your new wristwatch or pamper your loved one with a luxury watch or a beautiful piece of jewelry. Pay attention to the site which offers luxury watches just stunning at excellent prices.

Toys: In this field, Chinese companies have no competitors at all. If a Lego box that costs eight hundred shekels costs less than $ 100 on the Chinese site, it is clear that giant chains like Toys R Us are collapsing. Why should someone volunteer to pay inflated prices when you can get exactly the same product (or a really successful imitation of it, at this point nobody really knows and nobody cares) at a much lower price?

Beauty and Beauty: The beauty of the Internet is that it allows us all to bypass the regulation of the Israeli Ministry of Trade, and even the official marketers of each product. We can, with the push of a button, reach any product in Israel sold for a certain amount, usually much higher, and buy it at the local price. In addition, we can enjoy products that never came to Israel. For example, Kayli Jenner’s cosmetics company is not recognized in Israel, but that does not mean that the Israeli surfer cannot enter her site and order, in one way or another, the entire latest lipstick collection.

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