What do wristwatches symbolize?

Wristwatches symbolize many things, moments and emotions, especially when we buy them from our loved ones or get them from them. Beyond being accessories to show the time, watches are part of our style, our style, our personality and us. Like the elusive perfume that you smell somewhere away from home and you try to remember what it reminds you of, the wristwatch is also a trendy accessory that for many people represents more values ​​than just a watch. Military or the big trip abroad, in other cases we just enjoy looking at the clock and admiring its exquisite beauty, and the wristwatch, unlike jewels or clothes, does not come down almost from our wrist, especially if it is a waterproof watch. Everything: We go along with our wristwatch a lot of exciting moments, events, etc. since the tours, which we remember fondly later, feeling or even certain ruefully.

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