What is your wristwatch saying about you?

We find ourselves burning long hours in makeup, measuring clothes and fingernails, but the truth is that our personality and personal taste are reflected through one item we do not even think about normally: our wristwatch. So what are the leading types of wristwatches and what do they say about the personality of those who wear them?

Extra-large wristwatch: These wristwatches are especially fashionable in the past year, and adorn the wrists of both feminine and masculine hands. They come in a very large variety of styles, but they all have a common denominator, and it is possible to pick up these clocks also from a spaceship. So what does that mean about who wears them? Usually they are very stylish people, fashion lovers, they will usually have very large and prominent sunglasses and they will be the first to try new trends. They have a lot of self-confidence, and they do not really care what other people have to say about them. They are right, Tchlas.

Gilded watches, delicate and narrow: most of them are luxury watches, characterized by people from a fairly high socio-economic cut, who deny that they are affluent and do not like to poke eyes. These are people who will buy brands only if they do not really see the logo, fly first class but help the young couple with the screaming baby in the economy class.

Colorful sports watches: young features, athletes and people who love the fast pace of life, and realize that any other clock will just be screwed up because of their lifestyle.

Antique style watches: People, many of them artists, who love special things, different style, objects and accessories with personality. In their home you will find many ornaments from flea markets that they found in different places in the world, special furniture, their jewelry will be highlighted, artistic, very special.

Digital wristwatches: Clocks with different mechanisms that allow the clock to display a number of display options. For example, a clock that displays the weather, a clock that connects to the pulse and can provide an answer to athletes who need to measure a pulse during running or climbing, a clock that displays sea waves, a clock that connects to a computer, and more. People who choose these watches often do so for reasons of convenience and professionalism. They need the advanced digital extras that such watches can give them – most of them are athletes. These are people who most of what surrounds them will somehow have to do with the great passion in their lives, the particular kind of sport they do.

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