Wristwatches and Astrology – What type of watch fits what luck?

If you believe in astrology, this article is just for you! Just as astrology is divided into four elements, wrist watches can also be divided into four styles. So what does your watch say about you, and is it suitable for your astrological luck? Check yourself!

Big and bold clocks – the signs of fire

Aries, Sagittarius, and Lion who belong to the signs of fire are the people of Tachles, people of achievement, of being larger than life. Accordingly, they will wear large watches, which show the time without a lot of bullshit or scuffling around. If you offer them a clock with all kinds of innovative apps, they will scornfully reject the offer. They do not have time to waste on nonsense, hello, they still have to conquer the world, today if possible, and they need a watch as strong and energetic as they are, that you do not have to strain to see his hands and work at maximum.

Small delicate watches – the signs of water

Scorpio, fish, and cancer, which represent the signs of water, are very gentle, emotional, introverted, very intuitive, can catch people quickly – but they will not provoke scandal if they do not like them. As such, they usually wear watches that are relatively small in size, delicate, unattractive, often of excellent quality. Make no mistake about them. They love everything small and modest, but they also strive for perfection, and this is expressed in the fact that they always look neat, and note that usually, their wristwatch is also compatible with clothes.

Luxury watches are actually going with the signs of the air

Gemini scales and bucket representing the air signs are people who love the prelude, the good life. Watch TV, indulge in mobile phones, connect to fashion, indulge in style. They are the people who will choose the most expensive wristwatches and will pamper themselves every few years with a new model.

Sports watches are strong and suitable for the people of the earth

Gadi Shor and Virgo represent everything that is physical, on the ground, realistic, real. Because they are career and successful people, they need strong sporting luxury watches that allow them to simultaneously see the time in Tel Aviv and Beijing, what are the air pollution in New York and the height of the waves at Honolulu.

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